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Research at the Archive

Genealogical Resources


Membership gives you access to copies of the registers in which the sacraments of baptism, marriage, and burial were recorded at the California Missions, copies of Padrones or censuses we have available, and various other resources.

Unfortunately, we do not have the staffing or expertise to be able to offer assistance with genealogical research or translation of the sources.


Click here to download the list of registers we have available. 


Click here to go to the Early California Population Project, an online database that may be helpful for research. This database is hosted by the Huntington Library and covers the period from 1769–1850.


Click here to access our Genealogical Research Request Guidelines and Form.


If you need further assistance with your genealogical research, we recommend that you get in touch with the Santa Barbara Genealogical Society and their Sahyun Library.

SBMAL is open to researchers by appointment only. Some collections remain closed so please confirm access to a specific collection when scheduling your appointment.

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